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We have 10 years of Bee Removal Experience.

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"Honey Bee Relocation"

"Bee Extermination"

Complete Bee Removal

We Remove all bees and honey combs.

We are Broward Beekeepers

"Our Chemicals are PET FRIENDLY"

The Expert services we provide.
Bee Removal
Bee Hive Removal
Honey bee Removal
Bee Removal services
Wasp Removal
Bee Killer removal
Yellow jackets Removal (Wasps)
Bee Nest Removal
Bee Infestations Removal
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Tropical Apiaries 
Specializing In Honey Bee Removal, Relocation,
and Extermination Services
Serving Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties

Expert Beehive Removal by Beekeepers

   We specialize in honey Bee Removal & Extermination services with fair and affordable pricing. With more than 11 years in the bee removal business serving all Broward, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Miami we also provide bee Relocation Service when Safe and cost effective.
Don't put off dealing with your bee problem any longer because honey bees only grow larger in size and get more aggressive as time goes by.

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 Here is what to expect from our trained, professional, technicians. 

1)  Accurately locate the colony.
2)  Open up the
smallest area allowing us to remove all wax and combs. Many of our competitors cause more damage than necessary leaving you with an expensive unnecessary repair bill. 
3)  Remove all wax combs and bees, we do a
"complete bee removal" 
4)  Clean the work area by removing all debris and washing down all honey.
5)  Treating the area with insecticide to help prevent  future infestation in that location.
6)  All of the
chemicals we use for bee extermination are
7)  All our work is %100 guaranteed.  
8)  We have a handy man available for your convenience.
9)  We work hard to be the most trusted name in bee removal.

What we will not do.

1)  We will
not cut through your roofing tile or shingles, causing a very expansive emergency repair. Check out our
Picture page and you will get a good idea of what to expect.
2)  We will
not just spray and go, leaving all of the honey and wax in your home to rot and stink. 
3)  We will not sell you a
"live bee removal or relocation" and then "spray, kill" them when you are not looking. Lookout for people pushing "Live Bee Removal" most are not Licensed or Insured. Always ask to see  their PCO Identification card if they don"t have one KEEP SHOPPING.
 Leaving the honey comb in place can causes serious problems.
1)  The stench of rotting dead bees.
2)  Small hive beetle larva (little white maggots) crawling all over your house.
3)  Black mold on ceiling areas in your house.  

    We carry all necessary tools and licensing to do a complete job so you can bee assured you will get the job done correctly.
  Before closing up the area that was opened, we recommend filling the void with insulation or something
 similar that will completely fill the hollow cavity  to prevent re-infestation. Unlike rodents, honey bees will not excavate an area to make a home. If there is no space available they will just move on. Also, it is vary important to check around your house and repair all holes or cracks larger than a pencil diameter because you could get a new colony next swarming
 season in another location.          
      We are always happy to answer any questions you may have so you get a good idea of the situation and what needs to be done to resolve it. We want you to make the best choice for yourself. Please do not hesitate to call us anytime with your bee questions. 954-559-0700  

     Because of the still expanding presence of Africanized honey bees in Florida, it is state recommendation that all feral honey bee colonies (not managed by beekeepers) nesting in close proximity to areas frequented by people or domestic animals be eradicated by a licensed and insured Pest Control Operator (PCO) or removed by a registered beekeeper for purposes of public safety.      Quote from the University Florida

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